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One more national network: 46 Parallel Wine Group wines appeared in KOLO stores

24th July 2020

Ukrainian wine company 46 Parallel Wine Group reports that Apostrophe brand wines are already available on the shelves of 15 stores of the KOLO retail chain, that is developing dynamically in Ukraine.

The presence of the first Ukrainian emotional wine brand Apostrophe in the retail trade of Ukraine is growing rapidly. In particular, these wines can be purchased on the shelves of the MegaMarket hypermarket chain and in the Rozetka online supermarket, Kasta online catalogue, as well as in the online version of the ALLO stores chain.

Wines 46 Parallel Wine Group represent Ukrainian winemaking in the international arena, in Paris and New York particularly, and have already received positive feedback from 10 world experts from 8 countries. The Apostrophe brand is a member of the Association of Bartenders of Ukraine.

About KOLO network

The first KOLO store was opened in May 2017. Now there are more than 150 stores in different parts of Kyiv, Kyiv region and Odessa. The company plans to open about 3,500 stores throughout Ukraine.

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