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Hi, China! 46 Parallel is here!

24th July 2020

46 Parallel Wine Group was announced the winner of a tender for placement of Apostrophe products on one of the leading online-B2B platforms in China – 1688.сom. This is yet another confirmation that we are the company, which produces in Ukraine the high-quality European wines, worthy of being Ukraine’s sartorial statement on the Ukrainian winemakers’ map. This is also a landmark event, because 46 Parallel Wine Group is the only winemaking company, which was selected among top 20 Ukrainian companies.   Within a framework of its EU’s initiative – EU4Business – and with informational support from Ukraine’s Export Promotion Office, EBRD invited Ukraine’s small and medium-sized companies to enter the Chinese market. This project provides for the placement and promotion of the Ukrainian companies’ products under the joint brand – #TradeWithUkraine – on 1688.сom, China’s leading online-B2B platform.   Thus, international wholesale companies will be able to purchase the wines of the first Ukrainian emotional brand – Apostrophe – by 46 Parallel Wine Group on 1688.сom platform. What is 1688.сom?

  • the subsidiary e-commerce platform of Alibaba.com, the largest online B2B-company in China, which is oriented towards the Chinese domestic wholesale market;
  • more than 10 million online stores;
  • up to 150 million corporate buyers, including such giants as China Railway Group;
  • one of fundamental platforms for purchasing products for Tmall, JD, and Taobao for the purposes of further sales.

“China ranks second in the world by the vine-yards’ area. At the same time, the Celestial Empire is Number 4 among the world’s wine importers and Number 4 in terms of sales. China maintains its tenth place on the world’s top winemakers’ list. 39% of Chinese consumers give preference to red wines, whereas 25% would choose white ones. I am confident that the wine of the emotional brand Apostrophe will be appreciated by both wholesale and retail buyers on 1688.com platform. Thus, Ukraine has a lot to be proud of on the global stage”, — Anna Gorkun, founder of 46 Parallel Wine Group, declared.

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